Sunday, June 23, 2024
High Quality Rods & Reels for Purchase

Florida Surf Angler Rods:
 13'  Surf XT up to 5 oz. = 500'
 12' Bullet up to 4 oz. - 400'
 11' Runout up to 3 oz. = 300'
 12' Bigun 8 oz. + bait

Akios Reels:
 Click for complete line Akios Fishing Tackle

Contact Noel at 904-945-0660 for pick up and shipping information.  

We accept PayPal, credit cards, checks or cash.  

Super Sand Spikes
Custom made sand spikes are also available for purchase.  These spikes are manufactured of aluminum, stainless steel, and vinyl tubing.  Overall length is five feet.  They come with a five year, 50,000 fish warranty against manufacturer defects.  I have field tested and perfected this design for over 20 years. 

Made in the U.S.A., by hand, one at a time.  You'll no longer need a mallet.  They will chisel down into hard or soft sand.  You just wiggle them right to left while pushing down.  Bury just to the top of the spade w
hich is 14" down.  Protect your valuable gear from ever going swimming again!  

You will not be disappointed in the quality or fishability of the SUPER SAND SPIKE.  $59.99 each.  Pick up in Jacksonville, Florida area.  Shipping within the continental US $20 for two, $30 for up to four spikes.